The Finnish Music Foundation (MES)

The purpose of the Finnish Music Foundation (MES) is to promote and support Finnish music in its diverse forms. Finnish music pertains to productions of such performing artists, composers, lyricists and/or arrangers who are Finnish citizens or reside permanently in Finland.

MES was established in 2012 and its operations combine those funding activities that were previously carried out by ESEK (Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) and LUSES (Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music).

The Foundation implements its purpose by distributing grants and financial assistance, as well as otherwise promoting and financially supporting live music events, phonogram production, music marketing and export, publishing, education, research and development activities associated with Finnish music. The scope of the promotion activities covers all genres of music and is focused on professional music making.

Support activities are financed through funds from Finnish copyright organizations Gramex and Teosto, private copying levies and government subsidies.

The forms of support activities are the following:

• Phonogram production support
• Live music support
• Marketing and export support


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